Buena Vista Sliding Doors

Quality & High Performance With Value

Our energy-efficient Buena Vista vinyl sliding doors were created to compliment our Vista Series vinyl windows for replacement and new construction projects. Furthermore, our vinyl sliding doors are designed to enhance your patio experience through beauty and performance.

Every sliding door is made to your specifications using quality vinyl extrusions and high-performance tempered insulated glass units. Each are constructed to be durable and stylish with features and options that make our Buena Vista sliding doors the perfect companion to our Vista Series vinyl windows.

Types & Styles

Create the greatest views imaginable

  • 2-Panel
  • XOXO
  • OXOX
  • All viewed from the outside.
  • 3-Panel OXO
  • 3-Panel
  • 4-Panel

Features & Benefits

Designed for performance, beauty & style

  • Quality vinyl extrusions 15-point quality vinyl extrusions assurance program.
  • Multichambered frame design Provides strength, energy efficiency and efficient water drainage.
  • 5 1/4" nail-on, block & retrofit frames Nail-on with 1 1/4" integral nailing fin and 3/16" stucco key. Block with no fin. Retrofit with 2 1/16" integral dual-wall flush fin (availabe on sill for complete coverage).
  • 1" energy-efficient insulated glass unit Includes tempered glass and high-performance Intercept® spacer system.
  • Reinforced interlocking sashes Combined with weatherstripping to guard against air and water infiltration.
  • Dual-point lock Durable lock and keeper engagement with sleek interior handle. Key lock and stainless steel dual-point lock set available.
  • Durability & easy operation End-adjustable dual rollers glide on a stainless steel track cover. Stainless steel rollers available.
  • Sturdy, adjustable screen door Heavy-duty extruded aluminum with fiberglass mesh. CrystalView improved-visibility screen available.
  • WARNING: Screens are not fall prevention devices. Please take proper precautions.


Maximize performance, beauty & style

  • Choose white or clay White standard. CrystalCoat exterior colors available.
  • Increase energy efficiency Insulated glass units available with LowE3/Argon or LowE2 performance glass.
  • Improve acoustical properties 1/8-3/16" dissimilar glass available with STC 32 rating.

Grid Patterns

Enhance beauty & style

  • Colonial ColonialTraditional
  • Marginal Marginal6-lite/panel
  • Queen Anne Queen Anne9-lite/panel
  • Valance ValanceTop Row
  • Flat Grid 5/8" Flat
  • Sculptured Grid 1" Sculptured

Specialty Glass

Add privacy & Beauty

  • Bronze Bronze  Tinted
  • Grey Grey  Tinted
  • Bamboo Bamboo  Clear
  • Delta Frost Delta Frost
  • Flemish Flemish  Clear
  • Glue Chip Glue Chip
  • Obscure Obscure
  • Rain Rain
  • Reed Reed  Narrow
Images are an approximate representation. Ask a Crystal California authorized dealer or representative for samples.