Vista PLUS Projected Windows

Quality & High Performance With Value

Energy-efficient Vista PLUS projected vinyl windows are designed for comfort, beauty and style. Choose from a variety of types and styles for your replacement or new construction project.

Every window is custom made to your specifications using quality vinyl and high-performance glass. Vista PLUS windows are durable and stylish with features and options that make them perfect for any home.

Casement Awning
Casement (outside view). Awning (inside view).

Types & Styles

Create the greatest views imaginable

  • CA Casements
  • CL
  • CR
  • All viewed from the outside.
  • CA Double Casement
  • CC
  • CA Casement
  • COC
  • COC3
  • AW Awnings
  • A
  • AA
  • O Fixed
  • PW
  • Combo Stack
  • CC/PW
  • PW/A
  • Other combos available.

Features & Benefits

Designed for performance, beauty & style

  • Quality vinyl 15-point inspection program for assurance.
  • Efficient design Multichambered 3 1/4" frame provides strength, energy efficiency and efficient water drainage.
  • Energy-efficient glass 1" dual-pane unit with annealed glass and the high-performance Intercept® spacer system. Tempered glass available.
  • Reliable performance Dual weather seals guard against air and water infiltration.
  • Durable locking Secure locking system with full-flip folding handle that recesses in the operator cover.
  • Simple usability Operates easily and conveniently, includes user-friendly operator.
  • Better Screens CrystalView™ improved-visibility screen mesh with antimicrobial properties.
  • WARNING: Screens are not fall prevention devices. Please take proper precautions.


Maximize performance, beauty & style

  • Choose white or clay White standard. CrystalCoat™ exterior colors available.
  • Increase energy efficiency LowE3 performance glass with Argon gas available.
  • Improve acoustical properties Dissimilar glass units and acoustic ratings (STC, OITC) available.

Grid Patterns

Enhance beauty & style with between-the-glass grids

  • Colonial ColonialTraditional
  • Marginal Marginal6-lite/panel
  • Queen Anne Queen Anne9-lite/panel
  • Valance ValanceTop Row
  • Flat Grid 5/8" Flat
  • Sculptured Grid 1" Sculptured

Specialty Glass

Add privacy & beauty with patterned or tinted glass

  • Bamboo Bamboo  Clear
  • Delta Frost Delta Frost
  • Flemish Flemish  Clear
  • Glue Chip Glue Chip
  • Obscure Obscure
  • Rain Rain
  • Reed Reed  Narrow
  • Bronze Bronze  Tinted
  • Grey Grey  Tinted

Extended lead times may apply. Images are an approximate representation. Ask a Crystal California authorized dealer or representative for a sample.