Valencia Swing Doors

Attractive French & Hinged Doors

Valencia premium vinyl swing doors are an excellent choice for a greater experience. Inswing and outswing designs available for light commercial and residential projects.

Every door is custom made to your specifications using high-quality, high-performance vinyl and glass. Each door is engineered to perform with outstanding energy and structural properties. Valencia swing doors are for those who want the best.

Multipoint Locking System and 3D Adjustable Hinges

Types & Styles

Create the greatest views imaginable

  • INSD Inswing Single
  • XL
  • XR
  • All viewed from the outside.
  • INSD Inswing Double
  • XXL
  • XXR
  • OSD Outswing Single
  • XL
  • XR
  • OSD Outswing Double
  • XXL
  • XXR
  • Sidelites Fixed Inswing

Features & Benefits

Designed For A Greater Experience

  • Premium vinyl Durability and longevity with unique formulation.
  • Comprehensive design Multichambered 5 1/4" frame and reinforcement increases strength, energy performance and allows for efficient water drainage.
  • Energy-efficient glass 1" dual-pane unit with tempered glass and the high-performance Intercept® stainless-steel spacer system. Laminated glass available.
  • Outstanding performance Multiple locking points and dual weather seals create a barrier to guard against air, water, and sound infiltration.
  • Durable multipoint locking A stainless steel multipoint locking system is standard. Inactive doors include shootbolts (top and bottom).
  • High-quality hardware Includes a solid brass handle set (with keylock and thumbturn) and an aluminum threshold under subsill.
  • 3D Adjustable Hinges Features concealed hinges with 3D adjustment – compression, height and lateral adjustment achievable with door closed.


Maximize performance, beauty & style

  • Add exterior color CrystalCoat™ exterior colors available on white.
  • Increase energy efficiency LowE3 performance glass with Argon gas available.
  • Improve acoustical properties Dissimilar glass units and laminated glass available.

Grid Patterns

Enhance beauty & style with between-the-glass grids

  • Colonial ColonialTraditional
  • Marginal Marginal6-lite/panel
  • Queen Anne Queen Anne9-lite/panel
  • Valance ValanceTop Row
  • Flat Grid 5/8" Flat
  • Sculptured Grid 1" Sculptured

Specialty Glass

Add privacy & beauty with patterned or tinted glass

  • Bamboo Bamboo  Clear
  • Delta Frost Delta Frost
  • Flemish Flemish  Clear
  • Glue Chip Glue Chip
  • Obscure Obscure
  • Rain Rain
  • Reed Reed  Narrow
  • Bronze Bronze  Tinted
  • Gray Gray  Tinted

Extended lead times may apply. Patterns and tints shown are not exact and may vary. Ask a Crystal California authorized dealer or representative for a sample.